The Adventures Of Claire

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Episode Twenty Three - Who Shot SNS?


  • ooo dude his shot?!! my moneys on claire...or is taht too obvious? okay sns shot sns then!! you cant egt one over on me mister!

    By Blogger HonoraryEdith, at 3:25 PM  

  • SNS is actually shot many a time. Once a season until Season 3 i think.

    By Blogger Shindig1985, at 4:12 PM  

  • thats just dam unlucky that!

    By Blogger HonoraryEdith, at 6:22 PM  

  • I think he gets shot twice actually - once by a special character we all know and love.

    By Blogger Shindig1985, at 8:38 PM  

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