The Adventures Of Claire

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Holly reveals her fantasies about The Tweenies

Season Two Begins June 1st 2005


Coming soon - the music soundtrack to Season One Of Claire's Adventures.

25 songs from the show including this season's theme tune - Look At Me

Sunday, May 15, 2005

SEASON FINALE Episode Twenty Four - What Lies Beneath Claire

Episode Twenty Three - Who Shot SNS?

Episode Twenty Two - A Plan For Revenge

Episode Twenty One - Witness

Episode Twenty - Severn Heaven

Episode Nineteen - Lights Camera Action

Episode Eighteen - Love Is All Around

Episode Seventeen - The Game - LATE NIGHT SPECIAL

Episode Sixteen - SAE Dreams - LATE NIGHT SPECIAL

Episode Fifteen - Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind

Episode Fourteen - Christmas Time No Sex For Claire Ever

Episode Thirteen - Aluminating Claire

Episode Twelve - Lighthome Alone

Episode Eleven - Big Claire

Episode Ten - Milk "Scott" Rags

Episode Nine - Milk Fever

Claire tries to forget about SNS, after her friends say it is wrong for her to kiss him or do anything else with him as he is her brother (revealed last episode), however SNS is stil after her body and soul as he doesn't believe that they are related.

Claire joins the England Football Team in training for winning a competition at school and she has brought the gang with her.

SNS is trying to find Claire as he is becoming sexually aroused by Claire. He spots er and he milks over the side of his balloon basket as he has Claire in sight. Over the Angel Of The North

Episode Eight - Mirror Images

Having find out that his stalker is Sarah - Claire's Sister - SNS leave England again in his balloon.

This time he goes over the Sahara Desert. And begins to see mirages of Claire, which makes him think that Claire might not be so bad.

He lands his balloon to kiss Claire but as he reaches for her she dissapears and appears somewhere else.

Is Claire so bad?

He returns to Claire in England to kiss her, however the gang around her are wigged out over him kissing her - but why?

It seems that the link between Claire and SNS is that they are related! :-0

Episode Seven - The Guinness Book Of Records

South Hunsley School are taking part in a record breaking marathon with many record attempts.

The gang (still not introduced separelty - or given names yet) begin to think that maybe Claire can be in the book for the most lies told about herself within a minute. So they enter her for it. However there's no record for it yet, so Claire sets a new world record for telling 30 lies about herself within a minute.

SNS returns to England to speak to Claire about what happened in New York. However Claire denies all involvement about it. And she swears she is telling the truth this time.

So who is it? We see that the stalker is actually Sarah - Claire's sister

Special Episode - Scream If You Wanna Lie

A Break From Claire.

SNS has left the country and has set up camp in America where he plans to stay. However it soons become apparent that he is missing things back in England. He gets a call from Josh who says that he needs to see SNS again, and Josh decides that he will come and live with SNS in New York.

What is going on with them?

After a month of living there, SNS begins to believe that there is someone following him around and it becomes apparent when Josh is kidnapped.

It's a race against time for SNS to save Josh, and to unmask the stalker who is wearing a mask.

Is it Claire? Or is it some other crazy stalker?

Episode Six - The Eclipse Of Claire

Britain is about to go under darkness because of the Solar Eclipse.

Claire thinks that this is going to be the end of the world, so she races down to St Michael's Mount in order for her to finally speak to SNS and the truth about their link.

She arrives at St Michael's Mount with hours to spare but as she's mounts the Mount she blocks the sun and noone can see anything.

Is it too late for Claire to talk to SNS?

Darkness falls.

Episode Five - Diseased

As foot and mouth disease spreads throughout Britain's countryside, another disease (Oral and Anal disease) also seems to be following Claire around the country as she continues to find SNS, after he fled the hospital he was taken to after his accident at the Millenium Dome.

SNS flying over the countryside sees the results of the country trying to kill off Foot and Mouth disease. And when he lands on a farm, he find out that the lesser known disease is there for a reason!

Episode Four - Dome Of Doom

Claire and the whole group have been invited to be at the opening of the Millenium Dome, which will be the most successful thing in British history (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the irony - the things i though back in the day).

The media are there too and Claire finds this as her chance to appeal to all people who know SNS for them to get into contact with her. Through this she is invited onto Trisha to tell her story however SNS is already at the Dome as the balloon crashes into the Dome it is a race against time to see if SNS can survive the crash.

Oh and the crash created holes in the Dome (so that's where they came from)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Christmas Special Edition - Friends Forever

Tweenie clock? Where will it stop?

Claire and takes a break from SNS and joins the cast of The Tweenies including evil Bella, who are all trying to find a pebble that they have lost in the grass.

However what they don't know is that EVIL BELLA has hidden the pebble in her pocket and makes them look for the pebble.

Episode Three - Over The Hills and Into The Woods

After leaving Sydney, Claire begins her journey back to the UK, and on her way she tells everyone about SNS and how she is connected to him - they were lovers. But is she telling the truth.

SNS does not know who she is so how could they have been lovers?

SNS is still in the search for Claire, but Claire is a hard girl to find when she doesn't want to be found, especially when she's lying.

Claire visits a village on top of a hill and they seem intrigued about Claire's story and they invite her to the village to tell all.

She meets the woods people who give her charms in order to fulfil her destiny, however won't tell her what her destiny is. They send her off into the woods to find herself, and it is there she sees what her future holds, however she becomes too scared to tell anyone.

What did she see?


After her first sighting of SNS, Claire continues to follow him around, without his knowledge. She follows him all the way to Sydney Austrialia where SNS is taking part in Swim meets. When Claire gets there she gets a little too occupied with the other swimmers especially the one named Josh.

SNS bumps into Claire and wonders if they actually know each other, but Claire lies (what? Claire? Never!) by saying that she is Josh's girlfriend. When SNS sees Josh he strikes up conversation with him about Claire however, Josh tells him that she ain't his girlfriend, because Josh is gay. SNS smiles.

Claire sees SNS and Josh speaking and she decides that she will leave in case Josh and SNS bump into her again.

Josh tells SNS that Claire was hear to look for someone special to her that she knows is connected to her somehow. SNS being the only English guy there puts two and two together and wonders why Claire is looking for him. So he tries to find her, however Claire has already left.

What is Claire and SNS's connection?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Episode One - The Man With No Name

SNS (Scott Neal Scott) is travelling around the globe in the famous BBC air balloon (UK people will know the one) and Claire is in pursuit of him, however she doesn't know where to start looking for him, so on her way Claire meets the man with no name, in a bid to locate the whereabouts of SNS.

The Man With No Name warns her that her pursuit for SNS might be bad not only for her but also for her friends - however she says that she HAS to find him. It is her destiny, so the man tells her the way to SNS, and she gets her first sight of him

Season One

It is finally here!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Episode One - The Man With No Name


(there has been a delay in posting due to the death of my laptop)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Coming soon to a blog near you.

Where it all started - back in 2000 with the help from the BBC balloon, the beginning of an era (that no-one could or will forget)

You dream of her, you see her on the bus, you rip the piss out of her - now live life with her.

Episode One


Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Adventures Of Claire

This is where soon i will be posting my ever popular series The Adventures Of Claire - written back in 2000. So check back soon, because it'll be there soon.

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