The Adventures Of Claire

Saturday, May 14, 2005


After her first sighting of SNS, Claire continues to follow him around, without his knowledge. She follows him all the way to Sydney Austrialia where SNS is taking part in Swim meets. When Claire gets there she gets a little too occupied with the other swimmers especially the one named Josh.

SNS bumps into Claire and wonders if they actually know each other, but Claire lies (what? Claire? Never!) by saying that she is Josh's girlfriend. When SNS sees Josh he strikes up conversation with him about Claire however, Josh tells him that she ain't his girlfriend, because Josh is gay. SNS smiles.

Claire sees SNS and Josh speaking and she decides that she will leave in case Josh and SNS bump into her again.

Josh tells SNS that Claire was hear to look for someone special to her that she knows is connected to her somehow. SNS being the only English guy there puts two and two together and wonders why Claire is looking for him. So he tries to find her, however Claire has already left.

What is Claire and SNS's connection?


  • indeed what could possibly be the (totally lied about) connection?!?! is this the ben affleck sns or the other one (was he from corrie or something), ben was the 2nd sns wasnt he, sorry if im ruining future editions for everyone here! :)

    By Blogger HonoraryEdith, at 3:08 PM  

  • You are reuining future eps.

    By Blogger Shindig1985, at 3:58 PM  

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