The Adventures Of Claire

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Episode Three - Over The Hills and Into The Woods

After leaving Sydney, Claire begins her journey back to the UK, and on her way she tells everyone about SNS and how she is connected to him - they were lovers. But is she telling the truth.

SNS does not know who she is so how could they have been lovers?

SNS is still in the search for Claire, but Claire is a hard girl to find when she doesn't want to be found, especially when she's lying.

Claire visits a village on top of a hill and they seem intrigued about Claire's story and they invite her to the village to tell all.

She meets the woods people who give her charms in order to fulfil her destiny, however won't tell her what her destiny is. They send her off into the woods to find herself, and it is there she sees what her future holds, however she becomes too scared to tell anyone.

What did she see?


  • have i read all of these ones before cos i dont remember the woods people so what IS her destiney hey!! i love the- shes a hard girl to find bit
    you know i would so find it hilarious if she was reading these! she'll come knocking on your door asking for royalties, and sorry marshall cos she probably didnt think of that til she read this post, go on claire go round to marshalls and ask for prince william and harry!!! :) ha ha i bet she does!

    By Blogger HonoraryEdith, at 3:10 PM  

  • You have read these - but in THE BOOK they are like only 2 lines long - so i've extended them. Gave them a Spec Edition if you will

    By Blogger Shindig1985, at 4:00 PM  

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